What does it take to buy a home on the Treasure Coast?
Here are 12 steps to get you started:

  1. Save for the

    • Down Payment

    • Closing Costs

    • Escrow account to include insurance and taxes

  2. Improve your Credit Score*

    • Stay current on bills

    • Don’t make any major purchases

    • Don’t cancel any credit cards

      *A higher credit score means a lower interest rate

  3. Calculate what you can afford

    Try using the calculators at BankRate

  4. Get a Mortgage Preapproval

    • Shop for the best deal with lenders

    • Choose primary and backup lenders

    • Study up on mortgage advice from HUD

  5. Decide what you want in a home

  6. Choose a Realtor®

    Consider our team for your home purchase

  7. Visit Homes

  8. Narrow Choices

    • Visit neighborhood during day and at night to gauge traffic, noise, etc.

    • Test commute

    • Consider resale value

  9. Make an Offer!

    • Common contingency opt-outs

      • if home appraises for less than mortgage

      • if inspection reveals flaws the owner won’t fix

      • if you lose your job before the deal closes

  10. Schedule Home Inspection

  11. Make Final Walk-Through

    • Test light switches, sockets

    • Check that the windows and doors work

    • Test faucets, drains, toilets

  12. Close and Move In!


Information provided by Florida Realtors, print the original version.