Is Port St. Lucie a walkable city? That depends on your perspective and your goals. For the most part, our city is considered car-dependant, meaning that in order to run errands you will have to drive to your intended destination. But for those who are looking to set out on a nice stroll, take the dog for a walk, or burn some calories with a quick jog, our city does offer a diverse network of sidewalks.

The Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Port St Lucie

In my opinion, the hottest neighborhoods that are strategically connected to retail and restaurants are Tradition, St Lucie West, and the St James area.

Tradition is best known for it’s miles of networked sidewalks that connect surrounding neighborhoods like Heritage Oaks, Bedford Park, The Lakes, and Town Park to Tradition Square with ample restaurants, Publix, and a few shops.

St Lucie West is a main boulevard with sidewalks along the thoroughfare. Neighborhoods to the north and south (like Lake Charles, Magnolia Lakes, Cascades, Lake Forest – to name a few) can connect via sidewalks to the main road on foot. The traffic is a bit more dense but there are plenty of options for shopping, food, and activities.

The St. James area is bordered by St. James Blvd on the east and Selvitz Road on the west, St James Blvd having more amenities than Selvitz. Winding sidewalks line the boulevard where you’ll find a Publix shopping plaza and access to nature hikes at Oxbow Eco Center. The St. James area isn’t as built up as Tradition and St. Lucie West. Popular neighborhoods are River Park, St. Andrews villas and townhomes, and St. James Golf and Country Club.

East Lake Village on the east side of US1 is a townhouse and two-story single family home neighborhood that is a walker’s paradise. Sidewalks are on every residential street through this community and there is the connecting Woodstork Trail that runs to the City’s Civic Center just north.

My own neighborhood of Southbend has excellent sidewalks. I try to get out at least 4+ times a week to take a brisk walk around the park. The sidewalk in Southbend runs from the newer Boat Ramp Park at the north end of Southbend Blvd all the way south to Becker Road. This long stretch is great for a serious run or bike ride. The loop around Jessica Clinton Park is a lovely stroll with pine trees shading a few sections.

The rest of the residents in Port St. Lucie will find sidewalks lining most of our main arteries. The City government recognizes that many of the main streets are lacking and has been diligently adding sidewalks to the areas that need it most. On the City of PSL’s website you’ll find information about the plan as well as maps showing the improvements.

Other Notable Sidewalks

Here are a few other sidewalks good for a change of pace or a long jog –

Crosstown Parkway: running east to west connecting the north side of Tradition to the Sandia Rd area this major parkway will soon be going over the St Lucie River all the way out to US1. The sidewalks are on both sides of the road and have wonderful pedestrian lighting making walking safe at dawn and dusk.

Veterans Memorial Parkway: a curvy road that passes Lyngate Park, Veteran’s Park at Rivergate (boat ramp & boardwalks on river), and then crosses PSL Blvd where it changes names and you’ll find the City’s Botanical Gardens.

Green River Parkway on the east side of Port St Lucie abuts Florida’s Savanna Preserve. This long parkway continues south in to Martin County and can make for a wonderful work-out route.

Becker Road, for those on the south side of PSL, offers ample sidewalks for a linear stroll east and west. Publix shopping center just east of the Turnpike interchange on Becker Rd has scenic waterfalls and a handful of good restaurants.

Have a favorite place to stroll or ride? Post in the comments below.

If you’re considering moving in Port St Lucie, contact me and we can discuss what neighborhood features mean the most to you!